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How Can We Help?

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Excellent Service

Solved all of my problems. Discussed the route in full of how I could apply for an IVA and since it went through everything has settled down.

Debt: £9,000

Previous Payment: £460pm

New Payment: £90pm


Now Hopeful!

I feel hopeful about my future now. I know my debt level will be more manageable. Steve helped me through the process and made me feel that all my troubles had been taken care of.

Debt: £22,000

Previous Payment: £710pm

New Payment: £111pm

Kha H.

Help Is Available

It was proving impossible to keep up with higher and higher payments. I simply didn’t know how to break more bad news to my partner. Ignoring responding to people constantly approaching me for payments, letters arriving etc.

Debt: £45,000

Previous Payment: £1,130pm

New Payment: £221pm


What are your options?

Our personnel will help you understand the solutions to help you select your best route away from your debt.

Bankruptcy Order

If you have a debt problem, one of your options could be bankruptcy. Anyone can apply for bankruptcy if you cant pay back your debts. When the bankruptcy order is over you can make a fresh start.

Debt Relief Order

You don’t have to make payments towards most types of debt included in your DRO and your creditors can’t force you to pay off the debts. A DRO usually lasts a year unless your situation improves.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) is a formal and legally binding agreement between you and your creditors to pay back your debts over a period of time and your creditors have to stick to it.

Debt Management Plan

If you’re struggling to keep up with debt payments on things like credit cards, loans and store cards, a debt management plan (DMP) may be right for you.


Debt Advice Bureau Ltd and or the site we operate does not charge fees for the helpful service it provides which are obligation free.

Debt Advice Bureau Limited is licensed under the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for data Handling; DPA No ZA774761. Debt Advice Bureau does not administer or provide advice relating to debt management products, such as Debt Management Plans or Scottish Insolvency solutions such as Protected Trust Deeds, Debt Arrangement Schemes or sequestration. Debt Advice Bureau may refer you to our IP, only after completing or receiving an initial fact find where the individual concerned meets the criteria for an IVA, therefore, all advice is given in reasonable contemplation of an insolvency appointment.

Debt Advice Bureau work with [  ] where Insolvency Practitioner [   ] is licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (“ICAEW”) or the Insolvency Practitioners Association (“IPA”).

Upon completion of a fact find, should you not appear suitable for an IVA, you will be signposted to the free sector or the Money Advice Service for the appropriate help & advice. works with [  ]  Co number [  ] who offer Individual Voluntary Arrangements (“IVA”).

Where you are deemed to meet the criteria for an IVA you will be referred to [  ]. Debt Advice Bureau Ltd will receive a fee from this partner if the customer agrees to the solution. Fees may be payable by the customer if an ongoing solution is provided, such fees would be outlined by [   ]  and are from within your agreed monthly



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